High School Play delivers a promising story

The power is real, the story is forever, and the time is now! High School Play delivers us a promising theatrical rendition of the Exodus story as they present the "Prince of Egypt."

Truly a miracle beyond belief, this show intensifies the faith.

Museum Tour

This month’s field trip includes the historic places and museums in Manila. The Elementary...

Sewn & Shown: Sewing Class Fashion Show 2014

High school’s sewing class stitched their own dresses and polo shirts to culminate for a...

SciPi: Weeks’ worth work and month-long fun

Science and Math Week:  Initially the SCI-PI Week started with just one week of emphasis. The...

Welcome to Temple Hill International School

Temple Hill International School recognizes the intrinsic goodness in every child, knowing that each one has the potential to bloom in a learning environment that promotes the pursuit of truth, the practice of virtue and the appreciation of beauty.

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“We must be present in THIS world”

June 17, 2014 - No Comments

Disconnect to Connect A free fiction-writing workshop with Palanca award-winning writer Cyan Abad Jugo rewarded the essays of our very own Nurul Awang and Mariana Ablan, Grade 9. Their work is published in the Philippine Daily...


What are the benefits to children learning at their own pace?

April 8, 2014 - No Comments

Much more than in the traditional classroom, where the students are limited by curriculum, strict schedules, and grades, the Montessori method fosters exploration by allowing the child time and guidance to achieve a deeper and...



April 6, 2014 - No Comments

Temple Hill International School, affiliate school of the Philippine Montessori Center, Inc. in White Plains, is a non-stock, non-profit educational institution offering quality education that adheres to international...

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